Recipient Resources

Congratulations! You’re officially #FACTORfunded. This resource section offers a comprehensive collection of resources to assist you as you enter the final stages of a FACTOR application. Whether you’re a first-time recipient, or a seasoned veteran, there’s a lot available to you to guide you through submitting your completion paperwork and ensuring you meet all of your funding obligations.

If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with our Business Policies, we strongly encourage you to do so, as this handbook sets out FACTOR’s definition of words, phrases and terms that you should know.

Still feeling lost? Don’t panic. You can always contact us, or browse through our Recipient FAQ section to find answers to your questions.

    Important Documents for Recipients

    Congratulations on your FACTOR-funded project! There are a number of important documents you should consult through the stages of completion. Your project coordinator may require one or more of these forms from you while you complete your project.

    • Artist Development Completion Guide

      A Completion guide for the Artist Development program.

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    • Artist Development Donated Services Form

      Used to claim artists’ donated services for Artist Development projects.

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    • Artist Development Midterm Report

      Mandatory Midterm Report template for Artist Development projects.

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    • Artist Development Tips for Recipients

      Tips for recipients of the Artist Development program.

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    • Business Development Results

      Mandatory document for your Business Development completion.

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    • Completion Guide

      Describes how to complete and submit a completion.

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    • Direct Deposit Form

      Used to set up direct deposit to receive funding from FACTOR.

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    • Employee Time Allocation Form

      Form used to claim in-house staff costs.

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    • Expense Documentation Guide

      Details on what kind of expense documentation you must provide in your completion.

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    • Letter of Direction Form

      Directs FACTOR to issue payments to a third party on your behalf.

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    • Personal Vehicle Log

      Used to claim personal vehicle expenses for eligible FACTOR projects.

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    • Receipt for Services and/or Per Diems

      Where allowed, used to claim services and/or per diems paid in cash by or donated to the applicant.

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    • Studio Work Log Template

      Template for log of in-studio work for submission with Sound Recording completion report.

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    • Supplier’s Declaration and Undertaking

      Used to declare the suppliers being used on a project.

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    • T4A Tax Forms – FAQ

      FAQ’s about T4A tax forms provided to FACTOR grant recipients.

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    Logo & Acknowledgment

    Depending on the Program under which you have received funding, there are different acknowledgment obligations as outlined in your General Agreement. All FACTOR-funded recipients must include appropriate logos and acknowledgments where applicable as a condition of funding.  We’ve put together two comprehensive documents to help guide you, based on the program under which you were funded.

    If at any point in your project you’re unsure about where and how to put an acknowledgment credit, please speak to your project coordinator first. We recommend that you also consult the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Guide to Public Acknowledgement.

    • Logos for Recipients (All Programs)

      Download the FACTOR logo & Government of Canada wordmark for projects funded through New Musical Works, Collective Initiatives, or Sponsorship.

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    • Logo & Acknowledgment Guide

      Directs clients how to properly acknowledge funding support for new musical works projects.

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    • Logo & Acknowledgment Guide – Sponsorship and Collective Initiatives

      Directs clients how to properly acknowledge funding support for projects funded through Sponsorship & Collective Initiatives programs.

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    Cost Reports

    A Cost Report is a tool to organize and list all eligible expenses before submitting a completion budget. The completed Cost Report is uploaded to the completion budget page, located within the Budget tab of your completion.

    If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can fill out the cost report using free online software like Google Drive or Open Office. When you open the cost report, review the Instructions sheet for detailed directions.

    Cost Reports are also available for download in the Budget section of the Completion.